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One on One Coaching + Community

Sign up for 6-month personal coaching if you’re ready to make a transformation but you feel stuck or lost on where to start.

SIL Personal Coaching is for you if:

You take initiative

You're ready to make changes and willing to get uncomfortable

You are coachable

You are looking for a community of women who value and are committed to making time for themselves and their health

You're ready to dig into WHY you keep self-sabotaging

What you’ll get:

Six months of weekly strategy and accountability sessions with Andrea

Unlimited access to community events and perks

See the group fitness page for details

What you’ll gain:

Alignment with vision and action

Designing and working toward living a healthy and vibrant life

Working past self-sabotage by creating new sustainable habits

Fueling your body conscientiously

Create a sustainable and balanced active lifestyle

Work one-on-one with a coach

Personalized coaching will give you access to a health and fitness coach as well as the SIL community.

Six Months


Work directly with a coach and have unlimited access to community events and perks for 6 months.

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